The Matteson Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) serves the communities of Matteson, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, Richton Park, and University Park. The logo states “Linking Commerce and Community”.
It is an appropriate key phrase for an organization that links its members to:

  • the municipalities
  • the education community
  • affiliate organizations
  • legislators
  • programs, events and services
  • advertising and publicity opportunities
  • and most importantly, each other.
  • Assistance for visiting foreigners – currency, hotel stay, medical coverage and travel assistance.

Matteson Area Chamber of Commerce

Matteson Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) provides information about shopping, dining, lodging and boarding, recreation activities etc. MACC serves various communities such as Olympia Fields, Richton Park, Park Forest, University Park.

Matteson is a village in Illinois, United States have a total stretched area of 7.2 square kilometers out of which 7.1 square kilometers are completely filled with land and the balance 0.1 square kilometers is filled with water. The MACC community links all their registered members with municipalities, educational communities, affiliate organizations, legislators, events & programs, advertising & publicity etc.

MACC community has begun almost a decade back and they have a vast database of registered members. Moreover, another main advantage of becoming a member with MACC is that all members will be able to meet each other and thereby increase their contact relationship to a broader base. This is how the MACC community functions.

Matteson Area Commerce & Community Links

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