A community is growing fast

Matteson Area Community is now a village of about 13,000 residents near Chicago. In 1848 to 1850 some Germans came to this area for settlement. In early years there were rustic cabins for homes, limited supply of food and one room school for children. In 1880 a census has been done on this community and according to that 500 residents were there. For the people there were two general stores, two hotels, two saloons, one shoe shop, a wagon and a blacksmith shop. In early 1900 some improvement has been done to the community including a park, a water pump station, two trains providing service to Chicago. In 1913 a baseball ground build for village team. In 1950 100 new homes were constructed on east and west side of Main Street of village. To 1970, it become the decade of fast growth and development. In 1990 a task force has been created to make the community a better place to live and connect it to latest technologies keeping its heritage alive to go in 21st century.