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Month: December 2012

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The Matteson Community Center is located in Matteson in Illinois. The entire area is surrounded by 73,000 square feet of land which includes various state of the art facilities such as Indoor Pool, Football stadium, Multipurpose rooms, Hydrotherapy, Baseball, Community room, Sauna, Diamonds, Dance Studio, Outdoor play, Childcare, Station, Basketball courts, Juice Bar, Tennis Courts, Gymnasium, Fitness Equipment, Long Jump, Indoor and outdoor track and field area etc.

Those who are enrolled in this community will have to begin their day at 8.30 am with Cardio Camp. Later on they will have to attend various activities such as Water Aerobics, Jump rope, Power Pilates, Cycling, Yoga, Zumba, Weight loss program etc. The exercise regime is scheduled for an entire week.

The community center also caters to child care. But the age of the children who can be enrolled must be from 18 months up to 12 years of age. There is no prior reservation required for child care. The availability will be on ‘First Come, First Serve’ basis. The Cost of unlimited child care is $12 per month for one child. Only legal parents, guardians and grandparents are allowed to accompany their child while visiting the child care center at the Matteson Community.

The community also provides rental games such as Pool tables, Splash Pad etc. on an hourly basis. Those who are interested can visit the Matteson Community Center and find out more information about the various facilities that are provided by the community. The cost of a pool table for an hour for members of the community is priced at $60/ hour, while non-members will have to pay up to $115/ hour. The Community has a total of 6 instructors, 5 personal trainers and 15 staff that will make sure that each member visiting the community is given high importance. Those who are interested in registering themselves can visit the official website of the Matteson Community Center.

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