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A 30 km drive from Chicago is the place called Matteson, one of the areas which have recorded its fast development. The village of Matteson has gone a long way from being the under- developed area in the country. Village of Matteson has grown this far because of its organized way of dealing the economy and in satisfying the needs of the people. The Matteson area holds five different communities of Matteson, Richton Park, Olympia fields, University Park and Park Forest. The Matteson area has set up a chamber of commerce for the residents to provide information on commercial activities in and around the village.
As the logo states, The Matteson Area Chamber of Commerce, links community and commerce in an efficient way. The Matteson chamber of commerce works for the benefit of people by linking them with legislators, advertising agents, municipalities and other governmental and non-governmental organization. By this way, the people Matteson get to know the information of each and every sector from the chamber itself. Other than this, the people are also connected with the person who conducts various programs and events which will help the people stay in touch with each other. The Chamber also provides assistance in taking care of the visiting foreigners. The people who work for the chamber take care of the travel, hotel stay and other basic facilities that the foreigners would require.
Other than this, Matteson Area Chamber of Commerce provides information on shopping, recreation, lodging and dining areas around the five communities. The Chamber of Commerce has been of massive use to the public in updating them the recent developments in and around the villages. Becoming a member of Matteson Area Chamber of Commerce will give you responsibilities as a citizen and also helps you stay connected with the other members.

Matteson area – The new developing sensation

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Matteson is a village in the state of Illinois housing over 12,000 residents. This place which is a 30 minute drive from Chicago is one of the most happening places in the entire country. The village of Matteson was once an agricultural center and has successfully transformed into a booming business center. There are umpteen numbers of businesses available ranging from hotels and schools to shopping centers. It is a known fact that the residential areas of the village have developed way ahead from scratch. The Matteson area comprises of five different communities of Richton Park, University Park, Park Forest, Olympia fields and Matteson itself.
The Matteson Area Commerce concentrates on all the businesses that is happening in the village and keeps track of every inch of detail. Matteson area community can have an easy access to these commerce services when in need of any related information. Also, the Matteson Chamber of Commerce is one such service that serves the Matteson area community with the basic information about the recreations, business and lodging around the village. The main reason that this chamber has been set is that there are businessmen all around world eager to set up a business in Matteson. Added to this, the city concentrates on all kinds of physical activities.
Matteson also has community center covering over 70,000 square feet of area which houses parks, pools and multipurpose rooms. The citizens are given an option to enroll in this center and their health is take care by the activities that the center provides. Also, the community center extends its hands to child care.
Thus, the village of Matteson has been remarked as one of the fastest developing areas and this is primarily because of the extremely organized process they follow in enrolling the businesses. The Lincoln Mall is now the latest feather in the cap for Matteson!

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